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Can YOU diagnose this eye?

How much would you need to pay

for a camera that provides this quality?

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EyeRonec's speciality is to supply you with high quality Iridology cameras, also known as Digital Iriscope, iris camera, eyology and sclerology camera.

Our latest Iridology camera is the 9MP Pebble 9.

*The Pebble's are our latest portable Iridology Cameras. We have added 2 white side lighting LED's which will assist in capturing images of true brown irises. The camera plugs into the USB slot in your computer or Laptop and will run on both Windows and Mac computers. The Pebble camera's are the perfect camera for iridology students and experienced practitioners alike.

A message from Leo

When I first saw an iridology camera in the late 80s I thought to myself that “there had to be a better way”. I am sure that many of you believed the same thing. It was that strong belief that motivated me to experiment with photographic equipment for years. I’ve had help from people that shared my beliefs and working together we struck gold… The first EyeRonec Iridology camera was made and shown on national TV. Many practitioners all over the world started to use our cameras.

We were then asked for a beginners camera, something that new graduates and struggling practitioners could afford. Again I had a strong belief that I could do it, better than anyone else. The first camera was the Microsoft based “EyeSpy” followed by the “Pebble-8” a giant leap in image quality….

Am I happy now? NO…. I am always working on improvements as well as better ideas so that one day we will yet again move up a notch.

By providing economical equipment I believe that more practitioners can show the patient’s their eyes live on a screen. This has a big impact on the patient so that they comply better with your recommendations to improve their health. Iridology is such a great modality that enables patients to strengthen any potentially weak areas in their body and to avoid or at least delay degeneration of vital organs.

I will continue to help bring more equipment to more practitioners to help people to live a healthier life. To put my “money where my mouth is” I now give a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all our cameras. Join the many practitioners already using our equipment and order one for your clinic.

Leo A. Bongaards ND MH Dip Ir

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